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About UCN

USA Caribbean Network provides the ultimate opportunity for members to share  in sales revenue generated from multiple revenue streams, without ever having to sell any products or services. 


  The objective of our network is give away 8,900 money making website to consumers for free.  Each site help to generate revenues from YouTube, Google AdSense and Affiliate Networks.

Subscribers to our YouTube channel, get to get free landing page website and share in our revenues from Youtube, Google Adsense and our affiliate accounts with Click Bank, Warrior+ & JVZOO (First 1,000 subscribers only) 

Your Membership

  1. Get your sub-domain, Affiliate Code and Hidden code to win giveaway products from multiple sites we manage.
  2. Earn up to 20% commission on our event we host.
  3. Get up to $1,000 bonus when you refer 100 members or more.
  4. You will earn shared revenues from any JV Project you contribute to.
  5. Get a complimentary ticket for any GCN events
  6. Get an update on new codes for products giveaways
  7. Get invited to network meet and greet events
  8. Add any business to our network from your area (Earn $25 per Year for business members)
  9. Get invited to the business expo every six months. 
  10. Apply for job opportunity with UCN or Associated Businesses
  11. Get paid yearly from our annual benefit concert for members.
  12. Get help with fundraising if you need financial help.



  • Free Tickets To Networking & Celebration Event 
  • Use Our Meetup @ Corporate Office At any of or Community our 160 Locations
  • Annual Benefits Concert Events For Member To Share In the Net-Revenues
  • Quarterly Payments From Over 1,000 Members Website Revenues 
  • There are over 120 websites and growing get paid to find mistakes and type errors.
  • Get more information @ UCN Click here

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Earn extra income or find cash and products on multiple websites we manage.

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